Mesa Rugged Tablet receives display upgrade to include polarizer

The new Mesa 2/3 display is bright, vibrant, and can viewed from all angles. (Image taken with polarized sunglasses over the lens)

Even greater functionality and performance

With the release of the Mesa 3 Rugged Tablet, the Mesa 2 Rugged Tablet has been updated to include the same display as the Mesa 3. The Mesa 2 is now shipping with this new display which includes an integrated polarizer for easier use with polarized sunglasses.

The previous display of the Mesa 2 still offered outstanding visibility in bright conditions but needed a polarized screen protector in order to see the screen with polarized sunglasses while in landscape orientation. This screen protector is now no longer necessary for Mesa 2’s that are shipping with this display upgrade.

The Mesa 3 uses the same form factor and overall design as the Mesa 2, this allows for the use of the updated screen in the Mesa 2. Mesa 2 units with the new display are now shipping as is the Mesa 3. The Mesa 2 and 3 now offer uncompromising viewing with sunglasses in either portrait or landscape orientations. You can see a direct comparison in the video below.

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