Non-incendiary Mesa 2 for Hazardous Locations Now Available

Non-Incendiary Mesa 2 Hazloc Now Available

Our non-incendiary Mesa 2 Hazloc, designed for use in hazardous locations, is now available for purchase. Certified Class I, II, and III, Division 2, the Mesa 2 Hazloc can be used safely in areas where explosive gases, liquids, vapors, dusts, or fibers and flyings may be present.

Our Hazloc handhelds are especially important for users working in or near petrochemical plants, gas and oil pipelines, refineries, or other potentially explosive environments. To learn more about the Mesa 2 Hazloc, download our product sheet here, or contact us for more information.

Download Mesa 2 Hazloc Product Sheet


  1. A couple of days ago we were invited to an oil rig and that was the first time I saw some of this Juniper Equipment… TBH I’ve never seen such kind of computers before. Jesus it was the toughest thing ever.. and it was just a tablet.

    I forgot to ask the name to the operary but I think I’ll find it diggint through the blog.

  2. When I saw Juniper system first, I was surprised. I have never seen such a computer before.
    It is very small computer. Just like a tablet. Thanks for you instructive article.

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