Professionals turn to Juniper Systems as an industry leader for rugged data collectors and world-class service.

With nearly 30 years of experience in the rugged hardware industry, Juniper Systems continues to be the world leader in rugged data collectors and customer service. Providing innovative technology in industries from natural resources to hazardous locations is what Juniper Systems does best. In this article, users can learn why professionals and businesses continue to look to Juniper Systems as an industry leader.

What makes Juniper Systems an industry leader

Since 1993 Juniper Systems has continued to exceed common standards for testing ultra-rugged devices. Every device from Juniper goes through extensive in-house testing to ensure it’s built ultra-rugged for unwavering reliability in the most intense work environments out there. Juniper provides insight into how and why these specifications are met to ensure the highest quality products. To learn more about the common specifications used in the rugged mobile device industry, click here.

The visual history of rugged data collectors by Juniper Systems
The rugged data collectors of Juniper Systems

Understanding and applying this extensive knowledge is where Juniper Systems truly shines through the competition. From the beginning, founder, Ron Campbell set the bar high for products, employees, and culture to be better than the best. This translates to each employee putting their heart and soul into products used to improve the experience and workflow of workers in the field.

Gary Spence, Chief Technology Officer at Juniper Systems, reflected on his time on the product development of the original Allegro™ Rugged Mobile Computer

“Engineering the original Allegro was quite a journey. I remember staying late at the office to go over the various components of the data collector,” Spence said. “Ron and I wanted to make sure this device could handle data-intensive jobs, be easy to use for extended periods of time, and ultimately make a positive difference in the lives of users.”

The Allegro 3 Rugged Mobile Computer by Juniper Systems.
The latest generation of the Allegro line of data collectors.

This product creation mindset extends to all Juniper products, software, and services.

How Juniper Systems creates ultra-rugged data collectors

Ultra-rugged handhelds aren’t created overnight.  Creating high-quality, reliable, and data-intensive capable devices for broad and niche markets takes time and expertise. Juniper employees value the numerous opportunities available to contribute to the innovation of products, conservation of natural resources, and optimizing processes. This value stems from the collective hunger for excellence from each employee.

Exceeding expectations is the culture of Juniper Systems. Which is how the term Juniper Rugged™ came about. The employees of Juniper inspired this term of being distinctly different, better, and special in comparison with competitors in the industry. Juniper Rugged is more than a phrase, it is a way of life at Juniper Systems.

Employees start from the earliest stages of product development and design to ensure the highest quality of products. The Juniper company maxims guide employees to be highly productive, prioritize product objectives, and understand how to meet or exceed customer expectations. Anyone who interacts with the employees of Juniper Systems quickly notices the similarities of the products and people. Both the products and people receive admiration and respect for being top of the line, optimizing for maximum efficiency and effectiveness, and actively supporting users.

World Class Customer Support

The people of Juniper Systems truly support the culture established by Ron Campbell, a solid dedication to making and being the best. Juniper Systems continues to live by the example of Ron, by always striving for self-improvement through continuing education, vigorous physical training, spiritual edification, and social interaction. This is apparent in many ways, including an annual fitness challenge, pickleball, and racquetball tournaments, and hosting events for employees and their families to enjoy fun Summer and Winter activities.

Playing hard is an essential piece of the puzzle for employees that work hard. It is not uncommon to find individuals from the marketing department interacting with customer support to provide helpful information to a user in need of support. Or for sales to coordinate with manufacturing and supply chain management to provide personalized support and updates related to products and accessories.

Cimberlee Foulger, Event Manager at Juniper Systems, shared the following about the atmosphere at Juniper.

“We are a team,” Foulger said. “Everyone here is willing to help one another no matter how small the project may be. It’s a great environment to work in. We support and encourage each other with love and laughter.”

This setting of encouragement and fun is one of the biggest contributing factors to employee longevity. Many of the employees at Juniper stay an average of eight years. This means employees are engaged with the work they do and the work that our customers are doing as well. The people of Juniper are product and industry experts. Always seeking first to understand by asking questions and listening intently to others. When users or businesses call Juniper, there is always a live person on the other end of the line.

World-class customer support rep helping a user.
A customer support team member assisting a user.

Having everything from design and engineering to manufacturing, and post-sale customer support all under one roof, it is easy to collaborate and resolve issues for customers and partners when they arise. Sales and customer support can quickly turn to an engineer or a product manager to accurately answer diverse and specific questions related to products, software, and services offered. This live and personalized support doesn’t end when a purchase is completed. Juniper employees are ready to provide users with assistance and knowledge beyond the typical sales cycle.

The sales and customer support team provides customers and businesses with videos, articles, tips, and tricks, and more to maintain relationships and continuously improve the user experience. In addition to these product and industry experts, Juniper Systems provides a manufacturer’s warranty to protect against manufacturer’s defects. Juniper also offers three different service plans that provide users with even more benefits. One of the main benefits is through participating repair centers, for those who want to maintain and protect their investment more fully.

Imagery to represent CompleteCare Service Plans
CompleteCare Service Plans

The service options that have proven to be most valuable to professionals in the industry include:

  • Service plan coverage up to five years from the original product ship date.
  • Up to 50% discount on all charged repairs.
  • Expedited repairs and return shipping at no additional charge.
  • Replacement of worn and/or damaged parts at no additional cost.

Please see our Complete Care service plans brochure for further details on how Juniper enhances the experience of users with data collection devices.

The complete package with Juniper Systems

Uinta mapping solution displayed on the Mesa Rugged Tablet with the Geode sub-meter GPS receiver in the background.
The Uinta total solution for mapping and data collection

Ultimately, users and businesses can expect more from Juniper Systems as an industry leader for rugged data collectors, mapping software, and customer care. Learn about Juniper’s Uinta Mapping Software™, Mesa® Rugged Tablet, and Geode™ Sub-Meter GPS receiver to get a total solution for your industry or contact us.

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