Revolutionize Your Field Work With Uinta

At Juniper Systems, our legacy in pioneering solutions for outdoor field work spans over three decades. With Uinta Data Collection and Mapping Software, we further emphasize our commitment to helping field workers thrive, offering a fully integrated software solution. Uinta changes the game in how fieldwork is executed. In this article, we aim to convey that Uinta is more than just software—it is a commitment to revolutionizing your approach to fieldwork. From the hardware you use to the support you will receive, Uinta ensures the ease and reliability of the entire process. 

Field First, Local Offline Design

Uinta places field workers at the forefront with a user-friendly interface without connectivity issues. It can operate with or without the cloud, ensuring seamless functionality even without an internet connection. This means you can create entire projects in the field, even without internet access. No matter how slow or unreliable your internet connection is, Uinta ensures nothing hinders you from completing your field tasks.

The advantages of this local-first approach put you in absolute control of your data. Say goodbye to concerns about server outages or downtime. Your data is always accessible and immune to being held hostage due to late subscription payments or cancellations. With Uinta, you can trust that your data is truly yours. 

Collaborative, Multi-User Projects

With Uinta, it is not an “either-or” situation but an “either-or-and-both” scenario. This means you have the flexibility to choose the data storage model that aligns best with your project requirements, even varying between different projects.

With opt-in cloud synchronization features, you can enjoy the security of external backups while gaining productivity efficiencies through collaborative projects. When a project is uploaded to the cloud, it not only provides an extra layer of data security but also unlocks the potential for collaboration among multiple users within the same project. 

With a focus on making life easier for all those involved in all aspects of fieldwork, your business no longer needs to wait until you are back at the office to make updates to project progress, create reports, track billable parts used, or map assets. This can all be done on-site or from the office as fieldwork is completed.

Flexible, Field-Customizable Templates 

Uinta’s collaborative project design features set it apart from the competition in more ways than one. While users can actively work within the same project, project administrators can also dynamically update the project structure in real-time.

Imagine a scenario where a field worker recognizes the need to collect additional data about something they are surveying in the field. Users with administrative permissions can effortlessly make these changes, ensuring flexibility and adaptability as project needs evolve. Adding or removing a field on a record type (sometimes referred to as a data dictionary) in Uinta is a breeze, whether done from the office or on-site. 

Templates for industries like utilities, municipal maintenance, telecom and fiber installations, irrigation contractors, field service, natural resource workers, and more are available on our website or by speaking directly to our support staff.

Free & Live Support 

While we’ve crafted Uinta to be user-friendly for everyone, we recognize that not everyone has the inclination or time to customize software, no matter how intuitive it is. That’s where our dedicated customer success team and network of partners step in to assist you.

Our extensive collection of project templates spans various domains, and our partners bring industry-specific expertise to guide you in designing your field operations for maximum efficiency. Whether you’re a tech enthusiast or prefer hands-on guidance, our in-house live and in-person customer success team is more than happy to provide the support. At Juniper Systems, we’re not just selling software; we’re offering a comprehensive solution, and our commitment to your success goes beyond the digital realm.

Hardware and sensor integration

What sets Juniper Systems apart is that we are not solely a software company – you likely know us better as the manufacturers of the hardware and sensors for fieldwork. This distinctive position allows us to offer a holistic solution for your field operation needs. Uinta is meticulously designed to seamlessly integrate with our manufactured hardware, including Geode GNSS devices and Mesa Rugged Tablets. However, Uinta goes beyond exclusivity – it is built to work independently of our hardware, offering you flexibility and compatibility with your existing tools and sensors.

Being hardware manufacturers uniquely positions us to explore and integrate with other tools and sensors relevant to your fieldwork. Your feedback matters, and we are eager to hear about any specific integrations you would like us to explore for our complete solution. At Juniper Systems, we are passionate about supporting the crucial efforts of fieldworkers worldwide, ensuring that Uinta evolves to meet the ever-changing needs of your important jobs. 

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