The best rugged tablet for the Oil and Gas industry

What makes the Mesa Rugged Tablet the best rugged tablet for the Oil and Gas industry? In this article, we will discuss certifications, specifications, and features that make the Mesa Rugged Tablet the best hardware for users in the oil and gas industry.

Hazloc certification

A rugged tablet with a Hazloc certification is ideal for professionals working in the oil and gas industry. Using a safe device while working in environments with flammable material such as gas, fumes, and oil is a must. The Hazloc certification can be broken down by zone, class, and division for equipment to operate safely in a variety of hazardous locations. The Mesa Rugged Tablet is available with Hazloc certification in Class I, II, & III, Division 2, Groups A, B, C, D, F. For a deep dive into Hazloc, users can turn to the “What does hazloc mean? | Free hazloc area classification diagram” article for more information.


The Military Standard 810 is filled with 28 possible tests to verify the ruggedness of a tablet. These tests can require the very best from designers and engineers to create hardware to operate efficiently in the harshest of environments. One of the 28 tests includes 26 4-foot drops of the device onto plywood over concrete. The remaining 27 tests for this certification test the ability of the device to withstand shock, vibration, and more.

“This standard for MIL-STD-810 includes a compilation of environmental test methods and procedures that manufacturers use to validate that a product really is durable,” said Cody Draper, Director of Product Management at Juniper Systems. “There are many test methods, procedures, and guidelines manufacturers can choose from, but by no means does it imply that all have been tested. It is recommended for users and buyers to look into the details about which tests have been performed to see if they represent their use case.”

Mesa Rugged Tablet for the military
Mesa Rugged Tablet designed for military use.

This certification can give professionals looking for an ultra-rugged tablet in the oil and gas industry an indication that the device has been tested to endure harsh environments that users in this industry frequently encounter. With the Mesa having been tested to several MIL-STD-810 tests, users in any industry don’t have to worry about putting this industrial tablet through some extreme wear and tear. A tablet that meets these standards can endure more and last longer than consumer grade devices, saving organizations time and money. To learn more about this highly sought-after certification, users can read more in our article “Here’s what MIL-STD-810G means”.

Ingress Protection rating of IP68

An Ingress Protection rating is a key certification for a rugged tablet. This rating informs users of the level of protection a device has against solids and liquids. The first number (‘6’) describes the solids a piece of technology or hardware can withstand. The second number (8’) indicates the level of protection a device can withstand against liquids and submersion.

For example, the Mesa has the highest level of protection for electronic devices against solids as fine as sand and dust. For protection against water, the Mesa is tested to be able to be submerged in 1.4 meters of water for 2 hours. The Mesa was designed to be durable with a chemical-and shock-resistant design. These levels of protection and design allow the Mesa to operate at optimal levels despite the harsh environments the device may be used in. The Mesa has an IP68 rating that works great for users in industries where stuff happens, and devices get exposed to liquid or other fine material that may need to be rinsed and cleaned off the device. This rating can give users and organizations some peace of mind when it comes to cleaning and caring for a rugged tablet. The Mesa can be used in the rain, snow, or sun with wind that picks up dirt and dust without concern for how it could affect the device. This is ideal for users going from gas well to gas well throughout the year in harsh conditions. The certification is broken down and discussed in depth in our article “Mobile device IP ratings explained | Free IP rating chart”.

Submersion test of the Mesa 3 Rugged Tablet for IP68 rating

Barcode and RFID options

Having barcode and RFID in a rugged tablet can be extremely helpful. Whether users are making rounds or running an inspection, this feature makes it easy for a job to be completed. The Mesa comes with integrated options including barcode and UHF RFID options. In addition to the Mesa, Juniper Systems offers other rugged handhelds for barcode and RFID needs that are specified in the article “Which barcode/RFID rugged handheld is best for you?”.

Mesa 3 equipped for barcode and RFID scanning

Ultra-rugged for any environment

When it comes to rugged handhelds, Juniper Systems is experienced in providing the best data collection experience for users and industries around the world. Users in the oil and gas industry are especially impressed with the operating and storage temperatures, sun-light readable displays, battery-life, and world-class customer support.  The Mesa can operate in temperatures between 4 F to 122 F (-20 C to 50 C) or storing the device between -22 F to 158 F (-30 C to 70 C). So, if users are in the heat of Texas or the frigid cold of Alaska, then the Mesa is easy to recommend.

In these extreme temperatures, it is extremely beneficial for the user to have a sun-light readable display to fight screen glare. The Mesa was built with LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) optically bonded with clear adhesive for less light to reflect off the display. Using transflective LCD, the screen doesn’t require more power or produce as much heat as the alternative of transmissive LCD. This makes it so users can be in the heat and brightness of the day, without the battery being drained to compensate for the glare and reflection of the sun. These technical terms and practices are explained in a recent article that discusses “Four Display factors to consider when choosing a rugged tablet for outdoor work” and makes it easy to understand what makes a display sun-light readable.

Screen comparison of Mesa 2 and Mesa 3 Rugged Tablets

This leads to battery-life. Whether users are working long days or have multiple shifts to be covered with the same device, the Mesa has a powerful long-lasting battery. With a removable Li-Ion battery, 43.2 Whr, the Mesa is equipped to operate 8-10 hours of heavy use on one charge. The device also comes with the option for hot-swapping capabilities for users to keep the device running an additional 4-5 hours. This makes the Mesa an optimal choice for users working extensive hours in remote areas with the need for excellent lifecycle performance in the field.

Hot-swapping batteries with the Mesa 3 Rugged Tablet
Mesa 3 Rugged Tablet battery test

Success with the Mesa in the Oil and Gas industry

Juniper Systems has many customers in the oil and gas industry that have shared their experience with the Mesa Rugged Tablet.

Team members at Fusion Technologies spoke highly of the Mesa’s battery life and what it means to them in the field.

“Battery life is critically important,” said Les Klaudt, President of Fusion Technologies. “When you’re using this tablet for everything from the time an employee clocks-in to the time they clock-out you are looking at 12 to 14 hours.”

“We are seeing devices running a solid 14-15 hours on a single charge running multiple applications during that time,” said Casey Britton, Operations Manager at Fusion. “What’s so valuable is that we can hot-swap. We have generators and such on-site but the convenience of hot-swapping batteries coupled with the all-day battery life really stands out.”

Users at Advanced Disposal love the Mesa’s durability and form factor.

“It’s the holy grail for landfill,” said Nathan Schneider, the Operations Manager at Advanced Disposal. “It’s basically a computer for the elements. The whole system works seamlessly and it’s a perfect size – that’s why we fell in love with it from the get-go.”

The complete rugged tablet

These are just some of the many certifications, specifications, and features to look for in a rugged tablet to be used in the Oil and Gas industry. Additional features to consider include ergonomics, custom integrations, and support. The ergonomics of the Mesa decrease fatigue, customization and integrations are frequently done, and the support comes from the same building the engineers and product managers are in to provide the best customer support. To learn more about what Juniper Systems’ Mesa Rugged Tablet can do, please visit the product page or contact our team of experts.  

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