The Mesa Rugged Tablet continues to impress the natural resource experts at Y2 Consultants

Y2 Consultants provides insight on why the Mesa Rugged Tablet by Juniper Systems is instrumental to their success. The users at Y2 Consultants express praise for the meticulous thought that went into the battery life, sunlight-readable display, durability, and overall design of the Mesa Rugged Tablet.

Rugged surpasses consumer-grade technology

Choosing rugged over consumer-grade tablets is a warranted decision for natural resource specialists. The work environment demands a device that can operate from sun up to sundown, withstand various weather conditions, and continue to function despite inevitable drops. For these reasons, Juniper Systems has engineered the Mesa with substantial battery life, sunlight-readable display, waterproof and dustproof rating of IP68, shockproof rating of MIL-STD 810G, and more to endure various work environments.

IP68 Submersion Test featuring the Mesa 3 Rugged Tablet

Y2 Consultants provides services to various natural resource industries, including private landowners and federal agencies managing rangelands, wildlife habitat, and riparian areas. Russell Burton, Rangeland Wildlife Specialist at Y2 Consultants, recently shared his thoughts on the Mesa Rugged Tablet with the Juniper team.

“Our Juniper units are always the envy of agency folks we work with,” Burton said. “We are using an external GPS, downloading and updating maps, and collecting data as we provide rangeland and wildlife services to permittees, agencies, and private parties. The most frequent comments we get from agency partners are how easy it is to read in direct sunlight, the durability to withstand the wear and tear our industry puts on the tablet, and the long-lasting battery life.”

Battery-life of a rugged tablet

The natural resource specialists at Y2 Consultants continue to see the benefits of having the Mesa run 8-10 hours a day with an additional 4-5 hours from the optional internal battery and hot-swapping capabilities.

“Natural Resource Specialists commonly spend long days in the field collecting data for their clients,” Burton said. “The Mesa has a battery life that keeps up with our extended hours in the field.”

The long-lasting battery of the Mesa Rugged Tablet

Between long days in the field and sharing equipment between crews, the hot-swapping capabilities of the Mesa can be an indispensable asset. Whether collecting data in the backcountry with limited charging opportunities, working extended hours, or the occasional instance where a tablet doesn’t get charged, the Mesa is built to withstand extended periods of use without skipping a beat. The Mesa being used for an excess of 12-14 hours in the field happens, and users continue to be impressed.

Mesa 3 Rugged Tablet: Hot-swapping batteries

Built to endure extreme environments

Devices manufactured by Juniper Systems are built to go where ever our users go. The environments open the door to harsh conditions that a consumer product isn’t up to performing in.

“Our team is often working in the heat and brightness of the sun in Wyoming, Idaho, Nevada, and other surrounding states,” Burton said. “Having a device that can withstand the extreme temperatures of these states without overheating is essential to project success. We can collect and read data in the brightness of the sun without any eye strain’ this supports our efforts to work efficiently and effectively as a team for our clients. These are some of the best benefits of using Juniper hardware over competitors.”

The Mesa Rugged Tablet and Geode Sub-meter GPS receiver is used in the extreme heat of the day.
The Mesa Rugged Tablet is used in the heat of the day

There are some key factors to consider when evaluating if the screen of a device is suitable for work in direct sunlight. These factors are: how the display is bonded, touchscreen technologies, transmissive vs. transflective technologies, and system performance. An in-depth dive into each of these display factors can help land management professionals make more informed decisions about the rugged technology they purchase.

In addition to the display, it’s beneficial for users in any industry to be aware of how they can improve the overall return on investment by understanding how to get the most out of the rugged tablet. Y2 Consultants are an excellent example of benefiting from applying the information provided in a recent article about getting the most from the Mesa Rugged Tablet.

World-class customer service

 “A key factor in choosing Juniper systems was their customer service,” Burton said. “It exceeds all others we considered. I can trust that if our crews get into a bind, I can track someone down and find the help I need. I know I will be talking directly to a Juniper Systems representative that likely understands the problem I am encountering. Customer service is paramount.”

Juniper Systems offers live and personalized customer service dedicated to helping users be successful while in the office or the field. It is with pride that Juniper Systems offers industry experts to support the essential workers of today.

“Regardless of the problem, I can justify coming into town to overnight a device to Juniper because I know I will get a replacement device in the mail as quickly as possible,” Burton said. “I know that Juniper Systems can pull the data from our devices, provide my team and I with the data in a fast and confidential manner and get us back to work.”

Helpful information

Purchasing a rugged tablet for land management should not be difficult. However, between features, specifications, accessories, and more, it can be a challenge. Juniper Systems has put together a list of the top five features a rugged tablet should have. The specifications and industry jargon related to technology can be easily understood in a recent blog post focused on the common specifications used in the industry. Being aware of the best accessories that continue to prove helpful in the field and at the office can make the job of a natural resource specialist even easier. For additional information on what to look for in a rugged tablet for natural resources, contact our industry experts.

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