How the NEO-M8T turns the Mesa 2 into a sub-meter GNSS powerhouse

NEO-M8T Mesa 2 Rugged Tablet

The Mesa 2 Rugged Tablet, the popular customizable tablet by Juniper Systems, can produce sub-meter GNSS data with the addition of a powerful GNSS module and coaxial connector.

Called the NEO-M8T Mesa 2, the package paired with post-processing drops Mesa 2 GNSS data from 2 meters to around 1 meter. The NEO-M8T Mesa 2 can achieve sub-meter accuracy with an external antenna.

What is NEO-M8T?

The NEO-M8T is a powerful GNSS receiver by u-blox. Packed inside the Mesa 2, the module combines precision timing and redundant GNSS constellations to produce extended GNSS coverage – especially in difficult environments.

The NEO-M8T supports GPS, GLONASS, BeiDou, and Galileo constellations, adding a web of satellites with which you can build enhanced GNSS data. These additional GNSS constellations produce redundant measurements, which improve GNSS data reliability.

The module’s ultra-precise timing optimizes GNSS data accuracy by capturing a raw data file, which post-processing software utilizes.

In addition, the NEO-M8T operates in extreme temperatures and sips very little energy, making it a perfect fit for the Mesa 2.

What is the MCX connector?

The NEO-M8T edition of the Mesa 2 is equipped with an MCX connector, or micro coaxial connector, which is a small, insulated coaxial connector. The connector resides below a rubber cover on the back of the Mesa 2.

With the MCX connector, you can connect an external GNSS antenna to the Mesa 2 – further improving its GNSS performance.

Popular post-processing software

Two popular programs by Effigis compliment the GNSS capabilities of the NEO-M8T Mesa 2.

EZTag CE is a professional-grade data mapping and management software. In EZ Tag, you can collect geospatial data – points, lines, and polygons. Combined with EZSurv, an advanced post-processing software, you can enhance data captured with the NEO-M8T Mesa 2.

Both professional-grade programs are compatible with Windows 10.

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For more information about the NEO-M8T Mesa 2 or the Geode Sub-meter GPS receiver, contact us here. Visit Juniper Systems online here.


  1. Hi,

    Im thinking to get the above mentioned GPS module +high gain SMA antenna and to connect it via USB to a notebook. I’ll be using the ublox software (ucenter).

    The question is, will I get coordinate precision in 0.5meter diameter with only one module or I need to get two modules?


    • Jackson Murphy says:

      Hi! Thanks for the question. The Mesa 2 module is a built-in option. To achieve sub-meter accuracy, you’ll likely need an external receiver like the Geode Sub-meter GPS Receiver!

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