Top Features of Uinta Mapping and Data Collection Software

Say goodbye to the stress of managing paper forms. Designed with simplicity and efficiency, Uinta Mapping and Data Collection Software offers a streamlined experience for both the inexperienced and experts in any industry. Whether you are a seasoned professional or just starting, Uinta GIS mapping software empowers users to collect, create, and share maps and data. Here are the standout features of Uinta that are worth bragging about to your friends: 

Customize to Your Job

Customize Uinta to your job, whether in the office or out on the field. Create custom data-entry forms and map features without any programming knowledge. Users are empowered to create custom project templates tailored to their specific data entry needs. Create and share projects with your field users, work both offline and connected to the internet, choose templates, and easily share field-collected data via Microsoft Excel, ESRI Shapefiles, Google Earth, and professional PDF map exports. This flexibility enables organizations from various industries to adapt to specific projects and facilitate decision-making on any given project.

Experience Professional Mapping 

Uinta Mapping Software provides high accuracy for mapping points, lines, and areas. Download satellite imagery base maps for use offline. Mapping precision ensures that professionals can create detailed and reliable representations of geographic markers for various industries including utility mapping, urban planning, and environmental management. For example, Uinta used as a utility mapping software allows for mapping utility assets such as sewer and collections, water utilities, telecom fiber, utility locating, utility poles, and so much more. Uinta is an indispensable tool for mapping devices in geospatial applications.

Streamline Data Capture Between Office and Field Teams

Replace paper data entry forms with a fully functional form design tool. Use the app with or without mapping and revolutionize the way information is gathered and managed. For example, when Uinta is used as an irrigation mapping software, field technicians can efficiently map as-builts which are immediately viewed by office staff, and then shared with customers and support. It saves time on projects and provides faster communication between partners and stakeholders. Streamline your data collection by designing your forms electronically. 

Share Data and Reports

Easily share projects with field technicians and external customers. Uinta is compatible with common databases such as GIS, CAD, and Google Earth. Users may import and export map and data layers using industry standard files such as Microsoft Excel, Google Earth, and ESRI Shapefile. Input and retrieve data from any location and collaborate like a pro with Uinta Software. 

Enjoy a User-Friendly Experience

Uinta is a simple and easy-to-use mapping and data collection tool. The straightforward field project management software allows users to be trained and collect data in minutes, and it doesn’t have to be with Juniper Systems hardware. The app works both connected to the internet and while offline, and licenses may be shared and administered using our License Manager tool. Bonus, there are no hidden fees, and Juniper provides unmatched support from Juniper Systems’ in-house customer success team. Use Uinta to make complex tasks easy and accessible to various users, no matter the skill level.

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