What makes a Juniper rugged tablet different from other rugged tablets

Users around the world should know what makes a rugged tablet from Juniper Systems different from alternatives on the market. Juniper rugged tablets differ from others in the industry in three specific ways: design, customization, and support.

A user-focused design

From the start, Juniper Systems has taken pride in having an unwavering focus on creating a user-friendly rugged tablet. The Mesa® Rugged Tablets are designed and assembled under one roof in the United States, allowing the tablets to undergo extensive testing for quality, durability, and performance from engineers, product designers, and manufacturers. To provide an exceptional device for a variety of industry professionals, the Mesa Rugged Tablet features an ergonomic design, a sunlight-readable display, and all-day battery life.

Many professionals use a rugged tablet or data collector for hours at a time. This extensive usage creates fatigue among users in the field. To combat this and bring the best experience for users, Juniper has invested extensive time and resources to create the perfect curvature, grip, and form of the device. When using the Mesa Rugged Tablet, professionals of any industry can expect limited fatigue and a noticeable difference in carrying an ergonomically designed tablet.

In addition to an ergonomic, fatigue-free design, the Mesa is built with a large, sunlight-readable 7” display. Users have a large viewing area for data collection and field use. The Mesa uses specialized IllumiView™ technology and incredible Intel® HD Graphics to give users optimal outdoor visibility and clarity. Understanding additional display factors and touchscreen technologies can be beneficial in battling screen glare and achieving the best performance in a bright outdoor environment with a durable tablet.

Polarized screen comparison of the Mesa 2 and 3 Rugged Tablets

The battery life of a rugged tablet is a feature that can either keep a productive workday going or bring it to a quick halt. For this reason, the Mesa Rugged Tablet is equipped with a 10-hour battery. Juniper also offers an additional internal battery to provide users with 4-5 more hours of runtime. Users with this optional internal battery can hot-swap the external battery to extend the workday.

Mesa 3 Rugged Tablet Battery Test

Les Klaudt, President of Fusion Technologies, recently shed some light on the importance of battery life.

“Battery life is critically important,” said Klaudt, President of Fusion Technologies. “When you’re using this tablet for everything from the time an employee clocks into the time, they clock out you are looking at 12 to 14 hours.”

Casey Britton, Operations Manager at Fusion Technologies, adds to Klaudt’s comments on the battery life of the Mesa and hot-swapping capabilities.

“We are seeing devices running a solid 14-15 hours on a single charge running multiple applications during that time,” said Britton, operations manager at Fusion. “What’s so valuable is that we can hot-swap. We have generators and such on-site, but the convenience of hot-swapping batteries coupled with the all-day battery life really stands out.”

Hot-swapping with the Mesa 3 Rugged Tablet

Whether users are in varying temperatures or climates, expect to have an enhanced battery life in the harshest of environments with the Mesa Rugged Tablet.

Customizations, configurations, and integrations

As an Original Equipment Manufacturer, Juniper Systems can build devices to order and configure the rugged device to best fit the user’s needs. There are various levels of customization options available, from a simple custom branding to a fully modified rugged tablet. Users can truly build a device that performs optimally for the various needs of the job or profession.

Learn more about how hardware customizations with Juniper System rugged tablets happen seamlessly by visiting the customization page.

Unmatched customer support

As an industry-leading provider of ultra-rugged tablets, Juniper Systems takes pride in providing live and personalized support. Users and partners have a personal sales representative along with a service representative committed to providing world-class support. To support these representatives in answering questions, resolving issues, and providing insight, the team has product managers, engineers, repair technicians, and a host of other experienced professionals to assist in offering informed solutions.

Professionals can rest easy knowing that answers can be found quickly, from product design to engineering to manufacturing occurring under one roof. Having these resources along with industry experts makes it easier for our support team to provide the best care possible for users in the diverse markets we serve.

Russell Burton, Rangeland Wildlife Specialist at Y2 Consultants, recently shared his thoughts on the customer care the Juniper team has provided him.

“A key factor in choosing Juniper systems was their customer service,” Burton said. “It exceeds all others we considered. I can trust that if our crews get into a bind, I can track someone down and find the help I need. I know I will be talking directly to a Juniper Systems representative that likely understands the problem I am encountering. Customer service is paramount.”

The Juniper team anxiously awaits the opportunity to solve problems and improve the user experience with ultra-rugged tablets for intense environments.

Contact our team to learn more about what makes Juniper rugged tablets different and better than alternative tablets on the market.

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