What to expect when you work at Juniper Systems

Almost all candidates that apply for a position at Juniper Systems ask, “What can I expect if I work for Juniper Systems?” In this article, the employees of Juniper Systems have provided some feedback on their experience with the environment, employee recognition, the wellness programs, and the opportunities to give back.

A safe environment

One of the best things about Juniper Systems is the safe environment that has been created. The first company maxim is, “We serve our customers and fellow employees with trust, love, respect, and active support, and expect the same in return,” this is the foundation of Juniper’s culture. Each employee can expect to be treated with respect and consideration. Employees can ask questions freely, share ideas, and feel comfortable with coworkers.

Employees enjoying the American Geophysical Union Conference.
Employees enjoying the American Geophysical Union Conference.

“I enjoy the supportive team of professionals that work here,” said Tim Royer, Product Manager at Juniper Systems. “I came to Juniper Systems after a 20-year career in Natural Resources, and while I was familiar with how to use the products, I wasn’t familiar with the technology that makes the products work. My coworkers are great at explaining the technology clearly so that I understand how it relates to meeting our customers’ needs. I feel their support helps me be more successful in my role as a product manager.”

Employee recognition

The employees at Juniper Systems are what makes the company different, better, and special from other companies. Juniper offers multiple ways for the company and employees to give recognition and show appreciation for the terrific work being done. Some of these forms of recognition and appreciation include the Juniper High Five, awards at the company, department, and years of service levels, company parties, and more. These efforts are built upon company maxim #11, “We celebrate individual and team achievement.”

CEO, DeVon Labrum presenting service awards.
CEO, DeVon Labrum presenting service awards.

Quinn Li, an Inventory Assistant at Juniper Systems, shared his experience of feeling appreciated with the following.

“Obviously, inventory doesn’t require a master’s in mathematics, but instead of feeling like an expendable employee, Juniper Systems has made me feel like I won the occupational lottery.”

Awards presented to the employees of Juniper Systems.
Awards presented to the employees of Juniper Systems.

Wellness program

The Human Resources department at Juniper Systems continues to create well-rounded programs for health and wellness. Each month the Juniper team welcomes various companies and individuals to present information at our company “Lunch and Learns”. These individuals and businesses share their knowledge and expertise for physical, mental, emotional, and financial health. Some of the marvelous partnerships the HR team has worked with include Blomquist, America First Credit Union, local yoga instructors, and more. Each program and partnership supports the benefits Juniper offers for employees and their families to be happy and healthy.

“My experience working at Juniper Systems has been excellent,” said Matt Weed, Buyer II. “I have never worked for a company that cared so much about their employees. The culture here is very accommodating to having a work and family life balance. The benefits here are nothing short of amazing.  Having worked for multiple companies before coming to Juniper, I truly feel fortunate to be here.”

Giving back to the community

Juniper Systems is proud to give back to the community of Cache Valley, Utah. The amazing staff at Juniper participate in regular STEM nights, donations to the Family Place, career fairs, and more. Juniper Systems makes donations to Utah State University departments providing hardware and technology for student success. Each opportunity to give back is a rewarding experience to serve and support local non-profits, organizations, and education.

Juniper Systems team at the Mountain Crest High School career fair.
Juniper Systems at the Mountain Crest High School career fair.

“I have the privilege of knowing everyone at Juniper Systems,” said Jenifer Hoth, Morning Receptionist. “I route calls as the morning receptionist. I love what I do. The culture here is unmatched. Many things that make Juniper Systems special and unique. What I love most is the company’s unity and how we sincerely care for each other. The work-life balance is another benefit. There are many service opportunities, opportunities to improve and advance, and the company parities are the best! I love everything about Juniper Systems!”

Juniper employees at a school STEM night.
Juniper employees at a STEM night.

Additional comments for the employees of Juniper

“Since day one, I’ve enjoyed working at Juniper Systems,” said Heather Tortel, Human Resources Manager. “There is a great group of people here that make work fun. I love working for a company that supports and encourages the HR team to plan events and implement programs and benefits that will provide a good experience for its employees. They truly care about their employees and their wellbeing.”

“What’s it like working for Juniper Systems,” asked Daren Tibbitts, Logistics Manager. “Did you ever watch the TV series ‘Cheers’? It’s like that. Everybody knows your name, and they’re always glad you came. In my case, most are generally glad. Everyone or every department seems to have their own problems and struggles, but everyone comes together to help out and find a solution. The camaraderie and support here are unmatched, and it’s found at every level, top-down or bottom-up – doesn’t matter how you look at it.

Learn more about Juniper Systems as a company and check out the career page for open positions.

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