Mobile Connect fixes Windows Mobile Device Center file transfers

Mobile Connect for Windows Mobile Device CenterFor Windows Mobile Device Center users, another Windows 10 update means more bugs, quirks, and breakdowns.

Since Microsoft abandoned its Windows Mobile operating system in 2010 – after a decade-long run – Windows Mobile Device Center, the company’s device management and data synchronization software, stopped working. Now, Windows Mobile users are often left unable to make their devices talk to Windows 10 products.

Breathe easy, though, because Juniper Systems developed an affordable long-term fix. It’s called Mobile Connect and it’s a permanent solution for Windows Mobile users who still have work to do and whose devices still have data to send. The software allows USB file transfers from a Windows Mobile device to a Windows 10 PC without Windows Mobile Device Center.

“We developed Mobile Connect to answer a growing customer need,” said Jeff Delatore, a product manager at Juniper Systems. “This permanent fix eliminates the frustration of bugs and breaks that can occur when an operating system goes unsupported.”

At Juniper Systems, our durable line of rugged handheld computers and data collectors live long lives. When Microsoft ceased to support Windows Mobile, we wanted a solution. We take customer service seriously because our customers have important jobs to do – like you.

So early on, our software engineers developed quick patches that served as a workaround. But as Windows Mobile Device Center became more and more defunct our engineers decided to develop a permanent solution.

“When we saw this problem, we tried to respond as quickly as we could with a solution that keeps our customers up and running,” Delatore said.

This kind of customer service goes hand in hand with our past products and, of course, the next generation of rugged devices by Juniper Systems:

  • The Mesa 2 Rugged Tablet runs Windows 10 or Android and displays it beautifully on an ultra-bright 7-inch screen, visible even in direct sunlight. Its fed by an all-day battery for unmatched data collection and computation in the world’s toughest environments.
  • The Allegro 2, a Windows Mobile device, makes data-intensive jobs feel way less intensive. It’s a data collector that’s comfortable, powerful, and just as tough as the job you’re on.
  • The Archer 2 data collector, a Windows Mobile device, fits a keyboard and touchscreen right in the palm of your hand. It’s fast, bright, and built for long days on the go.

We hope Mobile Connect by Juniper Systems helps you in a tough spot. We know a lot about tough. If you ever need a rugged handheld computer and customer service that lasts as long as the product, we hope you keep us in mind.

Contact us here to purchase Mobile Connect. For more information, visit the Mobile Connect webpage here.


  1. It is very nice for you to continue support to the OS after Microsoft has walked away!



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