2022: Year in Review and a Look Ahead

It’s the start of a new year and we want to reflect on all the growth and achievements from 2022 here at Juniper Systems. The Juniper team put in a lot of work to launch numerous products, grow the team, and remain true to our values. Our partners and customers continue to be valuable assets to the growth of our company and the innovative products we release.

Product releases in 2022

Mesa Pro Rugged Tablet

In November 2022, Juniper Systems introduced the Mesa® Pro Rugged Tablet. This 10-inch rugged tablet comes with 11th Generation Intel® Core™ processors, a Windows 11 operating system, device customization options, a large sunlight-readable display, and Juniper Rugged™ design. Users from every industry were considered in the construction of this ergonomically designed tablet.

“The needs that our customers and users have varies greatly,” said Darren Hellstern, Mesa Pro Product Manager. “From running CAD programs, viewing construction plans, mapping, and mounted vehicle solutions we feel that we have an offering with Mesa Pro that fits the processing need of the user. We are also available to help users determine what level of performance they need.”

Mesa Pro Rugged Tablet with 10 inch screen.
Mesa Pro Rugged Tablet features a large and bright screen.

The Mesa Pro Rugged Tablet comes with an extensive list of features and benefits including:

  • Impressive processing power
  • Deep customization options
  • Display visibility
  • Performance tiers and options for every use case
  • All-day battery life
  • All-new accessories
  • Ultra-rugged design
  • Connectivity and inputs
  • Personalized support

The features of the Mesa Pro were thoroughly vetted to ensure the highest quality and performance for users in the most rugged of environments. To take a deep dive into these features and benefits, readers can learn more from the article Mesa™ Pro: Juniper Systems’ all-new 10-inch Windows rugged tablet.

Geode GNS3 GNSS Receiver

In April 2022, Juniper introduced the next-generation Geode™ GNS3 GNSS Receiver. This scalable receiver is affordable, easy to use, and Juniper rugged. What makes the Geode GNS3 different than the Geode GNS2 receiver is the option to have either single-frequency or multi-frequency antenna configurations. Mobile workers can now choose to collect data in the field at the sub-meter, sub-foot, and decimeter accuracy levels.

The Geode GNSS Receiver comes with more accuracy and more options.
The Geode GNS3 GNSS Receiver.

The all-new Geode GNS3 GNSS Receiver comes with key features including:

  • Scalable accuracy
  • Open interface (Bring Your Own Device)
  • All-day battery life
  • Simple to use
  • Compact size
  • All-in-one
  • Affordable price points
  • Juniper rugged

Each feature of the Geode GNS3 complements the needs of users that are mapping and collecting data. Field workers can get the level of accuracy they need today with the option to increase their accuracy tomorrow with this scalable solution.

For more information, users can contact our sales team for pricing, availability, and questions.

Uinta on Android

In February of 2022, Juniper Systems announced Uinta™ Data Collection and Mapping Software available for Android™ operating systems. Users can now use this hassle-free and budget-friendly software on both Windows® and Android devices. This makes it easier than ever for users and businesses to get a smartphone or tablet to use with Uinta, including Juniper Systems’ Cedar™ CT8X2,  Mesa® 3 rugged tablets, and Mesa Pro Rugged Tablet.

Uinta Mapping Software being used with Windows and Android products.
Uinta Mapping Software is being used with Windows and Android products.

Uinta brings a host of benefits to users including:

  • Efficient Data Capture
  • Professional Mapping
  • Customization
  • Easy to share data
  • User-friendly
  • Free and live personal support

Each of these benefits supports Juniper Systems’ role in keeping mobile workers around the world equipped with the best data collection software and equipment. When Uinta software licenses are purchased, they are interchangeable with both Windows and Android devices. This makes it a quick transition for workers in the office to switch from a Windows operating system to an Android device for the field.

Learn more about what users have to say about Uinta by reading Success with Uinta: West Cedar Creek Municipal Utility District’s experience with Juniper’s customizable mapping software.

HarvestMaster by Juniper Systems Product releases of 2022

HarvestMaster Field Applicator solution

HarvestMaster’s Field Applicator solution was released in January of 2022. Field Applicator hardware can be mounted to many different spray and applicator machines and offers a software plugin that can be utilized within the Mirus™ harvest software to collect and store data. This solution enables researchers and operators to have control over sprayers using GPS for efficient application processes.

HarvestMaster Casma Yield Monitor

Casma™ Yield Monitor was introduced to the root crop industry in January 2022. Casma was created to help commercial growers become more competitive in today’s industry. This is accomplished with efficient and accurate data collection for farmers to analyze the data instead of getting caught up in errors or processes.

Casma Yield Monitor webinar

The top features of the Casma Yield Monitor include:

  • Increasing farm profitability
  • Visualize row-by-row performance
  • Export reports to assist with further optimization
  • Receive unbeatable customer support

Company growth

Team growth and staying true to Juniper’s values

In addition to adding new products, the Juniper team added 48 people in the last year. It continues to be a wonderful opportunity to get to know the people of our community and provide employment opportunities. Engaging with the members of our community is a highlight of our year as we interview, participate in service projects, and support one another.

The Juniper team continues to grow as we look for individuals who share our values: a passion for innovation, a service-oriented attitude, and the determination to persevere. We thank our partners, customers, and team members for their continued support as we approach 30 years of business. Despite the challenges we face, we continue to look forward with perseverance and optimism. We offer a special thank you to our partners for their patience and commitment to staying rock solid and field ready with Juniper Rugged equipment.

What to look forward to from the team in 2023

With the start of this new year, the Juniper team wants to give users a sneak peek at what to look out for in 2023. First, we are thrilled to be celebrating 30 years in business! This is a milestone we could not have accomplished without the support of our team, partners, and customers. In addition to this celebration, we have new products coming, updates to existing products, and Mesa Pro Rugged Tablet customization options will continue to grow. We look forward to sharing more with partners and our users throughout the year.

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