Top 5 features of a rugged tablet

This article takes a look at the top 5 features of a rugged tablet. Rugged tablets offer many advantages to consumer devices, especially while working in the field. Learn how ultra-rugged tablets can’t be beaten.

The Mesa Rugged Tablet working in the mud and water.
Rugged tablet working in a rugged environment

1. All-day battery life

When it comes to the battery life of the Mesa Rugged Tablet, users can expect more. This ultra-rugged tablet offers a substantial battery of 8-10 hours of operation. The battery is removable from the device and an optional internal battery can be added. The optional battery allows users to avoid downtime with an additional 4-5 hours of battery life to get the job done. Without skipping a beat, users can hot-swap the removable battery. This benefit allows users extended time for the job to be completed, without powering down the device first.

Battery test of the Mesa running Windows 10 and Android 9.0

See what others are saying about the Mesa 3’s battery life:

“Battery life is critically important,” said Les Klaudt, President of Fusion Technologies. “When you’re using this tablet for everything from the time an employee clocks-in to the time they clock-out you are looking at 12 to 14 hours.”

“We are seeing devices running a solid 14-15 hours on a single charge running multiple applications during that time,” said Casey Britton, operations manager at Fusion. “What’s so valuable is that we can hot-swap. We have generators and such on-site but the convenience of hot-swapping batteries coupled with the all-day battery life really stands out.” looking at 12 to 14 hours.”

For insider tips and tricks on how to get the most power from the Mesa or another rugged handheld, click here.

2. Sun-light readable display

Many users are fighting against the inevitable screen glare that occurs in the field. There are many ways that this battle is being fought today. One of the most common ways this challenge is being tackled is with LED backlights. The unfortunate part of using several LED backlights is the amount of power consumed. This demand for power generates heat and drains the battery faster than any user wants from a device. This type of screen is referred to as Transmissive LCD in more technical terms.

To address the realities of the world with ease, users can look for the alternative called Transflective LCD. This option improves screen visibility in the field without compromising battery life. The aesthetics of the screen can be maintained with an optically bonded display to increase the brightness by 15% in comparison with a non-optically bonded display. Together, these two display factors keep the device from overheating and the battery being drained.

Polarized screen comparison on the Mesa

“We provide the Mesa with our FieldSeeker GIS for Mosquito Control software with confidence,” said Linda Glover, GIS sales and service manager at Frontier Precision. “It’s proven reliability along with the power of the Windows 10 operating system, large bright display, and long battery life make it ideal for field use.  Crews can use it during the day for managing and recording larviciding and surveillance activities and then at night to record truck spray sessions.”

To get an in-depth look at additional factors that play a role in the readability of a screen in the sun, click here.

3. Verified ruggedness

To verify the ruggedness of a device, Juniper Systems recommends looking for five specifications. Each specification is linked to a comprehensive article explaining the ins and outs of why the specification is important to have for the device in use.

Touchscreen profiles on the Mesa Rugged Tablet

Nathan Schneider, the operations manager at Advanced Disposal shares this, “The Mesa is the perfect fit for the analyzer: its durable, it’s rugged, and its built for landfill use.”

For a brief overview of each of these specifications and more, click here.

4. Versatility in and out of the office

At Juniper Systems it is clearly understood that users are in desperate need of a tablet that can be functional in a variety of environments. With this in mind, the Mesa was created to work in desktop and tablet mode, optimize touch profiles, and have programmable keys.

  • Users can quickly change from tablet mode to a traditional desktop experience. This option is particularly ideal for those who use the device in the office and field. With the Mesa Office Docking Station, the tablet can be connected to a mouse, keyboard, monitor, and network all at once. To learn more about how to use the Mesa as a Desktop PC, click here.
  • Having the ability to optimize touch profiles for the best user experience is easy with the resilient Mesa tablet. Zeb Johnson, a software engineer at Juniper Systems explains, “Due to the various environments users operate under, we’ve tuned the touchscreen to stay ultra-responsive under conditions where other touchscreens might fail.” The Mesa offers diverse touch profiles including: finger and stylus, finger, fine-tip stylus, wet, and glove settings. To get more information related to touch profile optimization, click here.
  • Programmable keys, tailor the experience with a rugged tablet to a whole new level. Since the experts here at Juniper Systems know that not everyone will be in the same environment or have the same needs, the team made programmable keys a feature of the Mesa tablet. Depending on the industry a user is in, a unique button configuration can be created with a few simple steps on the ultra-rugged Mesa tablet. Users can program keys according to personal preference.

Each of these features allows users to have preferences met and expectations exceeded. For a deeper look at what can be accomplished with the Mesa Rugged Tablet, click here.

5. Post-Sales Support

Receiving post-sales support is a key benefit for any user. Once the device has been received, there is still more to be done. Users often have questions related to installing software or updates, system maintenance, GPS, repairs, and more.

With this knowledge in mind, Juniper Systems serves users with live, personalized support, in the same facility the devices are created. This makes it easy to provide users with answers to even the most obscure of questions.

Andrew Clarke, Field Operations Coordinator at SE3, shared these comments about purchasing the Mesa Rugged Tablet, “We purchased the Mesas and Geodes after doing a ton of research. Juniper seemed like the most reasonable company to go through. Post-purchase support was a big factor.”

The complete package

An all-day battery is the foundation of any productive workday in the field. Layer that firm foundation with a sunlight-readable display for outdoor visibility and clarity, ruggedness for unwavering reliability and protection, and versatility in configurations and integrations make for a level of quality that is unbeatable. Top it all off with live world-class support and individualized care for the complete package. These top 5 features of a rugged tablet are only some of the many differences between a rugged and a consumer tablet.

For more insights related to rugged tablets, you can contact us here.

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