With EmberEquine, the OSU College of Veterinary Medicine Ranch pushes treatment and learning further

Discovering EmberEquine

EmberEquine digital recordkeeping software was developed for easy recordkeeping, sharing, and tracking of patient care for both single and multi-veterinarian practices. For Oklahoma State University College of Veterinary Medicine Ranch (CVMR), not only are they working with multiple veterinarians, but they are also working with dozens of future ones. After multiple attempts to switch from paper to electronic records, the CVMR team finally found the ideal solution with EmberEquine by Juniper Systems.

When Ranch Coordinator Dennis Wilbourn, and Doctors Reed Holyoak, DVM, Ph.D., DACT, and Candace Lyman, DVM, DACT, first received information about EmberEquine and Juniper Systems’ Mesa Rugged Tablet, the team at CVMR wanted to learn more about the new digital recordkeeping software and how it could improve the efficiency of their work.

“We saw the Mesa being promoted as a device for managing medical records with the EmberEquine software so we reached out,” said Dr. Holyoak. “We wanted to see how it differed and that got the ball rolling.”

Vets prepare for an exam
Vets at the ranch prep for an exam on a mare

Easy to use and easily customized

The idea of an easy to use and customizable software was key for CVMR, not only is it a learning and research clinic, it’s one with real patients and clients. The easy to learn user interface and custom forms makes the software simple for students of all technical backgrounds to use.

Students typically have short rotations through the ranch, so having an unintimidating software solution is ideal. Dr. Lyman and Dr. Holyoak also value an easy to use solution. Between their teaching, research, and clinical duties they don’t have the time to learn complex software. EmberEquine is backed by in-person training upon deployment and continuous customer support whenever it is needed.

“The best part about EmberEquine is that we are able to discuss any holes that we see in the software directly with Juniper,” said Dr. Holyoak. “That is not an opportunity we have had before with other programs. That willingness to work with us, train us, and fill those holes that are unique to us has made EmberEquine a perfect fit.”

Having tried other digital recordkeeping programs in the past, CVMR always transitioned back to old-fashioned pen and paper and then needed students and vets to transcribe the data back at the office. Other software solutions either didn’t work in mobile environments or didn’t provide the types of records they needed to collect data.

Adapting the software to perform new tasks is something they couldn’t get with other digital recordkeeping software companies. Forms for CVMR have been built around their data collection needs that are present each day. These types of custom digital forms were not available in any other clinical software that they tried previously. EmberEquine gives the same feeling of paper and pen because it is built around existing paper records. You are easily able to fill out records and procedure forms right at the side of the patient with the Mesa’s touch screen and the customized forms. This has made it easier for students and faculty to pick-up the software so quickly.

Mesa 2 running EmberEquine
A close-up of the Mesa 2 running EmberEquine during an exam

Rugged device for rugged environments

CVMR utilizes the Mesa 2 Rugged Tablet as its primary device to run the EmberEquine software in the field and while at the patient’s side. The Mesa 2 provides a rugged device that performs exceptionally well in rigorous enviroments and conditions. Performance isn’t affected by hot or cold situations. The various touch profiles of the touchscreen allow for use in rainy and wet situations as well as when wearing gloves. The Mesa 2 provides the mobility, ruggedness, and security that is needed in the field.

“It’s amazing being able to have something portable to access records no matter where you are,” said Dr. Lyman. “Ease of mobility is important. We have become so used to carrying it.”

Better planning and execution

The day-to-day effects that EmberEquine has at CVMR are very noticeable. Juggling multiple vets, students, and patients require coordination and planning. EmberEquine allows that to be done all in one place. Easily adding appointments and to-do lists are built into the heart of the software. Data sharing between users and devices is quick and efficient. The software allows for easy cloud syncing and allows students to collect data all across the ranch. In turn this data can be pulled and analyzed in the office or on campus in near real-time.

“It helps us keep our schedules and to-do lists much more organized,” said Wilbourn. “We can pull up records almost in real-time. The vets can be in the field and we can pull the procedure information here in the office and have billing invoices ready.”

More efficient and accurate billing

The ability to better track and record charges with the EmberEquine software is valued by all of the team members at the ranch. A common problem in the industry is the missing of charges of procedures performed and materials used. Often procedures or treatments are done in the field and reported later in the office. That gap in time allows for items to be forgotten and not charged. With EmberEquine, the list of materials used, and care given is right on the chart of the animal while you are standing next to them.

“I think, there is no doubt that one struggle in a large operation can be billing,” Said Dr. Lyman. “With pen and paper, it is easy to make an error in recording procedures. This makes billing easy and makes sure all procedures are captured.”

Student with Mesa 2 tablet and horse
An OSU student enters data into EmberEquine using the Mesa 2 Rugged Tablet

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Information is a tool

Aside from easily gathering billing information, pulling complete patient records to send them to owners is easy with EmberEquine. Wilbourn pointed to the ease of pulling records when an owner has questions about their animal.

“We like how we can find the answers to questions,” Wilbourn said. “If there is a question about a mare we can pull that horse’s record and email it just that quick. This helps give the owners the info that they want.”

Creating a dynamic software and rugged hardware solution for veterinarians was the primary goal of EmberEquine. This allows vets to focus more on the patient and rest assured that all of their hard work was captured in a secure and easy to access location.   

“The whole thing stands out as a tool,” Holyoak said. “The Mesa tablet is rugged and capable – the software and records are easy to use and follow. It has the feel of paper, but it is all digital. It’s that easy.”

To learn more about the EmberEquine solution please reach out to us here.

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