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Sub-meter GPS Accuracy MappingJuniper Systems invites you to an upcoming webinar: Achieving Sub-Meter GPS Accuracy on a Budget.

In the webinar, our GIS experts will demonstrate how easy it is to:

  1. Collect field data using EZTag CE™, an inexpensive GIS-mapping software packed with functionality
  2. Achieve sub-meter accuracy on collected data with a simple post-processing software called EZSurv®
  3. Import & export existing data from your GIS, including custom attributes

Date: September 25, 2014

Time: 11 AM – 12 PM MDT

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Allegro MXWe received an email the other day from one of our customers who works in collaboration with the Agricultural Research Organization at the Volcani Center in Israel. They recently began using an older Allegro model, the Allegro CE, for their data collection. We just had to share what they wrote because it’s things like this that make us love what we do every day. Continue Reading…

sustainable forestsThe forest service in the state of Hessen, Germany, known as the Hessen-Forst Enterprise, manages close to 1.7 million acres of forested land, and is one of the most influential forest services in Europe. You’ll understand why in a minute. Continue Reading…

Log scalingFor Joe Lange, the morning of July 9th began as usual, and he went about his work expecting it to be a perfectly ordinary day. Joe is a log scaler for Wright Scaling of Bayview, ID, and is contracted by one of Elecdata’s (one of Juniper’s partners) customers, Vaagen Brothers Lumber Co., which utilizes the Allegro CX rugged handheld, an older version of the Allegro MX, with Elecdata’s log scaling software to record their data. Joe had been scaling logs for about 3 ½ years, the last year of which had been spent at the company’s Usk, WA operation. Continue Reading…

Wetland delineation software webinar

Electronic Data Solutions is hosting an upcoming webinar on May 13th called “Everglade: A Mobile, Wetland Delineation Solution.” They will be demonstrating how Everglade software can replace traditional data collection methods to result in improved productivity in the field & office, and more accurate wetland determination reports.

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In case you missed our recent fisheries webinar: “Low-Cost Software Options for Custom Fisheries Apps,” you can watch the webinar recording here.

Feel free to ask questions in the comments below, or simply contact us online or by phone at 435.753.1881.

Fisheries webinar

Join us on April 24th for a fisheries webinar: Low-Cost Software Options for Custom Fisheries Apps. In this webinar, our Natural Resources specialists will show you how to easily create custom fisheries data collection apps on our rugged handhelds using low-cost software—and you don’t need any programming know-how!  Continue Reading…